Friday, October 7, 2011

Audible Autumn


hey look, a leaf!
I love riding this time of year!  The lack of humidity in the cooler air is definitely one of my favorite aspects of the changing season (although it was about 70 degrees on the ride in this morning), but what I've really been aware of recently is the new sounds of my daily commute.  It's the rustling of leaves that I've just now started noticing on each ride around town.  Particularly today and yesterday with the crazy gusting winds, I've been amazed at how much louder the streets are.  In a good way.  Mini whirlwinds of yellow leaves blowing through the gutters, the crunching of them underneath my tires.  I have always loved this time of year because of the temps and colors but this is the first time that I've appreciated the aural side of the season.

Once I began thinking about sounds of the seasons, the transition to the snowy wintry conditions came to mind and take the opposite turn from crispy crunch and create a soft blanket of silence over the roads.  This may be part of why I find riding in the season so peaceful. Snow will be here before we know it!

the cruise down Burt just east of 33rd

I was trying to take a pic of Copper but somehow failed...

colors of the season!

and more random branches

Ok, this picture deserves more than just a small caption.  We were riding down Burt on the way to work today and all I caught was this, but these two fine folks were maybe locked out of their vehicle or something. I wiiiiish I'd have gotten the gal on the right in the picture better.  She had a priceless back tattoo hanging out openly from her tiny t-shirt that said, "candy shop".  Holy shit. 

new paint on 16th st.

our destination!