Thursday, November 29, 2012

On Air

Apparently it's been way too long since a blog entry, considering I felt like I had to hack into my own account just to get to this point.  But here I am!  And it's been a good day so far.

Had another opportunity to talk to the conservative media this morning.  I pedaled in to work this morning and I found this waiting for me in my inbox:

"They" say these back-angle parking stalls are there because YOU BIKE PEOPLE pressed for them! I need you on the air with me this morning to talk about why these are more safe, and what else YOU BIKE PEOPLE have in store for us!

Can you do it? Call my producer: xxx-xxxx or text me: xxx-xxxx.  Or bike over here.  I need you!


Scott Voorhees"

So that was nice.  It's good to feel needed, you know?
After making a slew of lattes and other tasty beverages this morning, my phone started ringing and it was Scott's producer at KFAB.  Luckily the next few folks in just ordered drip coffee so Vince was able to hold down the fort while I chatted about the "trouble" bicyclists are bringing to Omaha!  Actually, it wasn't half bad.  Scott was engaging and trying to ruffle my feathers but overall, rather kind.  I'm trying to find the clip so I can listen to the entire segment. His rant was mostly about the new back-in parking stalls that are starting to pop up around town.  Again, with the 'we' against 'them' philosophy which I tried not to feed too much.

Of course, I'd rather see something like this done to parking spots.  I should have told him about that.  Probably would have gotten a pretty good reaction.  Yay bikes! 

It reminds me of a post from about this time last year.  I had a little run in with Tom Becka that didn't go as smoothly as today's discussion.  Oh well, good entertainment either way.

Aside from that, we have the shop open and it's going great!  Thanks to all of you coffee sipping, bike riding hooligans who are making it happen.

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