Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Lookout

I didn't make a single blog entry in August.  It was probably one of the more emotional and physical challenges I've dealt with recently, that silly month of August.  And yet somehow, despite my uncertainties and self doubt at points throughout the process, here we are at Labor Day Eve.  And I'm happy.

It's a pleasant afternoon, just after a much anticipated rainstorm, around 2pm and I'm sitting in my favorite room in the entire big blue house listening to my entire iPod on shuffle [currently Devotchka].  I call it the Downtown Room because it overlooks the skyline of Downtown and Midtown Omaha. It's a great sunrise room.  Every time I sit here I think about how I'm going to make a t-shirt (I know, I know...another damn t-shirt that you definitely don't need but still contemplate purchasing) that has this same skyline but every building is transformed into either a presta or schrader valve.  I can see it now.  It's a good thinking room and was designed to be just that.

The point is that it's Labor Day.  I enjoyed it and still am.  Vince, Matt and I rode from our houses to Whole Foods since Vince actually did have to labor today.  Then Matt and I took the scenic route home exploring some newly opened trails which certainly isn't the norm for me since I'm generally in the street on my bicycle.  It was totally enjoyable!

Crossed that bridge when I came to it, if you know what I mean.
Boys in the park

Metro stop in the back.  (B)US stop?

Purdy flowers along the South O Trail

South O Trail almost to 48th(ish)
I am taking today as one last little chance to ride my bike with friends, enjoy a lazy afternoon and not worry too much about the shop.  We may even have a few folks over to BBQ tonight.  That's the makins for a nice day, isn't it?

It's funny how real things get when you're about to sign your name on something.  Tomorrow I'm signing a lease and getting the keys to a building in Benson where I'm starting a business.  Holy buckets, that's crazy.  Crazy awesome.  I'm super excited.  I've opened 2 other shops with 2 vastly different, yet shockingly similar partners, and have left both of those shops on rather unpleasant terms (divorced my first partner who turned into my husband briefly; the other ended with being unexpectedly fired).  That's why it's unique this time: the only name on the LLC is mine.  I now have something of my own that I'm proud of and excited about and have to look out for.  This may be the last day to lounge in quite some time. [now the White Stripes] So I've enjoyed it and hope you have too. 

Look for an exciting announcement about the shop (the location, clearly) tomorrow.  I'll be there cleaning and laughing from about noon on tomorrow.  Swing by any time, I'll probably be there.  Bring a good record and/or good beverage.

Good afternoon,