Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 1 Commuter Challenge. Done and Done. (from Monday)

So, I took a different route today, both to and from work.  Kinda fun to switch it up.  On the way to work I first headed to Caffeine Dreams off of Farnam and Saddle Creek.  I rode 50th St. to that cemetery off of Leavenworth and then headed east on the next street north of there.  Up a few blocks and north again until I met up with Farnam St. and cruised down to the coffee shop.

By the way, I am convinced that the only readers of this blog include myself and my mother.  Prove me wrong. 

Met with Andy and got all of the (ok, most of the) orders done for the day and then cruised up to McFoster's to grab a bite before heading to the shop.  We rode together up and down a few of the hills that are between McFoster's and Midtown Crossing where we headed north on 33rd, crossed Dodge (after waiting forever at the light) and then pedaled to Burt where we then turned east and continued to the shop.

The way home was rather uneventful as well and pleasant overall. 


  1. proving you wrong! i'll be keeping an eye on this

  2. No readers? You have 8-followers and you just announced the blog a couple of days ago. I'm not even sure I'm supposed to be reading this...being of the opposite sex. But my wife is soon to that makes it OK.

    Good write up by the way.

  3. Ha Mike! Please read, and comment at will! This will only be fun with lots-o-interaction. Thanks for playing.