Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Quick Note...

Today's lovely overcast and not overly humid morning proved to be enjoyable for my quick commuting to meetings downtown on Larry, my Civia Loring bike.  However, I was passed and glared at crustily by a lady in a crappy old sedan with a WWJD bumper sticker and rosary of sorts hanging from the rearview mirror and I found it kinda funny. Ironic maybe.  Now I'm not Jesus nor even religious, so obviously I don't truly know what he'd do but my guess would be that Jesus would appreciate seeing cyclists on the road, and indeed, share the road instead of trying to smear me against the curb. Just a thought.

Also, who posted that Scraper Bikes video? Thanks for the contribution!  I just watched it, in its entirety yesterday and although at first I wasn't overly excited about it, by the end I did think that it is a cool thing that helps get at risk kids off the streets.