Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rainy Yet Pleasant Friday Commute

I decided to ride in today, after my usual excuse making and debating.  Copper talked me into it.  Thanks girl.

Even as dark clouds loomed in the sky up above I decided to pedal in to work today, and as usual, I'm completely thrilled with my decision.  Part of my push to pedal is the fact that the Dakota 50 is looming ahead, just like the dark clouds this morning.  It's a pretty big race for me, considering it's the only race I'm doing this year.  I haven't really been riding off road enough to feel totally prepared and so any mile I can get in this month, I'll take.  And, pulling Copper behind me is probably a good thing; adding 75 lbs to my load is a good training method. 
The rig at home

Cool old buildings along Pacific
Building explosion.
Gray sky.
50th & Center
The view of Cop in her trailer
I turned out onto Center St. and immediately hit a red light.   No matter, I'll just take a picture!
I headed down Center to Twin Ridge Rd and then headed up to Woolworth and through Field Club on down to 32nd.  One of the best parts of my commute it through the Field Club Golf Course and Historic area.  It's so pleasant with its shady, tree lined, wide streets with slow moving traffic that it will always be a part of my commute.
  I made my way toward Leavenworth and sped down toward 13th where I hit a red light.  Up next to me pulled a giant truck and the window slowly rolled down.  Now, any of you that have ridden much in traffic may understand that this isn't always the best thing to have happen; yes, I may be stereotyping that big truck dirvers aren't neccessarily bike friendly.  I was proven wrong!  The guy driving rolled his window down and said, "That's the coolest thing I've ever seen.  How do you get your dog to stay in there?"  "A lot of treats," I responded and pedaled onward.  Nothing else too eventful between there and the shop happened and I arrived on time to open Greenstreet.

We arrived safe and sound!
Happy Copper!

I'm actually just getting around to publishing this and it's Sunday.  I'm happy to report, I've ridden to and from work (and did about 15miles for the Ladies' Ride on Saturday) every day for the last 3!
Have you been riding?


  1. Way to go on 3 days of commuting. Very impressive!

  2. Actually turned into 4! Thanks lady!