Friday, October 1, 2010

What a Perfect Day!

I've got the day off and it sure is a nice one!!  I started my Friday with a quick ride down to the shop to make sure the new hours were put on the shop door (we're now open 11-7 every day but Sunday when we're closed altogether) and to finish a little clean up that was neglected last night. 

Then, from there I pedaled to Midtown Crossing and hit up Delice in their new location. I was greeted by a huge display case of baked goodies that were absolutely drool-inducing. My eyes darted excitedly from croissant to cream puff to creme brulee to scone...maddening really! Too many delicious options to pick just one. I almost felt panicky! Ok, deep breath.  I ended up getting ahold of myself and ordering a rather enjoyable slice of their spinach, tomato, and provolone quiche as well as an iced chai with a shot of espresso thrown in to really get my day moving. As I stepped out towards the patio I made the mistake of glancing once more at the glowing case-o-tasties and knew I'd be back for something sweet.  As I sat out on their patio with my bike locked to one of the racks nearby I just watched people walk by and savored each bite of my breakfast.  It was fantastic.  Then, as the foreshadowing above prepared indicated, I waltzed back in with a grin on my face and dessert on my mind.  After studying the case for a bit longer than necessary, I decided to go with a tiny yet tasty fruit tartlet and headed back for some more patio time.

At this point I'm sure you're probably thinking, "Why is she writing so much about food when this is a bike blog?!"  The answer is quite simply this: I love food as much as (if not possibly sometimes more than) bicycles and therefore deem this an important blog entry!

But wait, there's more.  Since this was really my first true experience cheking out Midtown Crossing, I decided that I should continue my venture.  I walked my bike westward and stopped in to 3 Dog Bakery and Spaw.  How funny.  There was a bit too much cooing from customers over the adorable factor of the 3 dogs that hang out in the shop.  Too much for me.  So onward I rolled.  Up to ingredient...but that's another post...

Get out and ride!!!!

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  1. One fun fact about biking and food that's great for people who like both: the more you bike, the more you can eat.

    'Nuff said.