Monday, November 22, 2010

Drizzly Bike Pooling this Morning!

Thanks Natalie!! Yesterday we decided to ride in to work together today.  Natalie is a dedicated Saturday Morning Ladies Rider and we have talked several times about commuting and how doable it is from our neck of the woods.  So, this morning despite the cold temps and wet pavement we braved the commute and pedaled down together!  I like the idea of riding with someone, especially when it's the first time on the route for the newbie commuter.  I think she had fun and didn't even get to sloppy in the process!
One thing that Natalie said as we were about to part ways on 13th and Harney was something that I think is worth passing along. She decided that if she can commute with a smile on her face when it's cold and wet out, any day is doable! So, for those of you who've been thinking about commuting, now is the time! Layers and patience is all you need. According to it feels like it's 23 degrees out right now. I don't know if I'd say it's that cold, but if it makes us sound that much more bad-A, I'll go with it. I was pretty comfortable in my gear which consisted of big heavy socks, winter riding boots, jeans (my legs got a big cold, think I'll layer with riding tights underneath tomorrow), a t-shirt (which is always a horrible first layer...stay away from cotton), then a synthetic base layer mock turtle neck, and then a wool jersey, a wool scarf, and then a bright yellow rain/wind proof jacket, a stocking cap, and of course helmet!

Necessary items for commuting on a day like today: a good attitude, layers, patience, fenders, a dog, and a friend!

Thanks again Natalie. Any time you want to ride, let me know! And, anyone who wants to ride from 50th(ish) and Center, let me know and we can Bike-Pool down together!



  1. Thanks Denise! Did you ride today?

  2. Man....that was so directed at me! DANG. No excuses!

  3. Oh, and nicely done on the commuting Natalie and Sarah!