Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bikes D'Lite Ride

I confess, I didn't ride today.  When I'm laying in bed and I can hear things getting blown around in the gale force winds outside my window, I wuss out.  Hey, it happens.  I did, however, ride last night and have been actually riding a bunch the last several days.  It has been beautiful out until today and I've been taking advantage of what I know to be waning warm (or at least not unbearably frigid) riding days.

Jolene and I.  She saved me the last cookie!

view from the ped bridge

All sorts of fun lights on bikes on the bridge
There was a pretty decent turn out for the ride.  Glad to see people out and about riding bikes!
on my ride home after it was all done, I stopped to snap a few photos of some lights along my route. 

My plan is to definitely continue commuting throughout the winter.  Who else is out there riding these days? See you out there!  Ring your bell and say hello.

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  1. Looks like it was a fun ride. I wish I could have been there.