Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Well That was a First

Today on the ride into work, Vince, Copper and I encountered an interesting situation.  This sweet lil old lady pulled up (sort of hesitantly) next to us in her nondescript, beige sedan and rolled down her window.  We started to cringe, anticipating a weird quasi-bitch out from grandma, but instead we were pleasantly surprised with the exchange which ensued.  She was wondering what she was supposed to do when she encountered cyclists on the road.  I was barely able to respond, I was so blown away by her kind gesture. 

Beginning with a sincere, "First of all, thank you SO much for even caring!" I continued to explain, "The best thing you can do when you see a cyclist on the road is to treat them like any other vehicle.  Stop behind us; give us space when passing; just act normally!" 

She was kind of stuttering something about how she never knew what to do when she saw bikes in the road and was glad to find out.  Then she explained that she was in her daughter's car (as if that somehow made a difference).  Clearly stressed/thankful she lingered a bit too long and when the light turned green she was still stuttering/thanking us. The Creighton van behind her honked and we started to roll off.  We thanked her once again for caring and she hollered, "I'm going to go real fast around you guys now! Thanks!"
Oh boy.

Kind of a funny commute-warming experience that I wanted to

  Here's a photo I couldn't help but snap the other night.  Holy hell, how did this seem like a good idea?

At least they're sweet paint job won't get scratched up with that handy towel.  Eegad.

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