Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Finally Winter!

And that's a good thing. Not that I ever get sick of the Vaya, but it is always fun to switch to a new daily 'driver'.  You may or may not remember my snow commuter, Bobby Bianchi, but he's back and better than ever!  I seriously love that bike. I've hijacked someone else's computer to create this post so I don't have a picture handy.  But trust me, there will be some coming soon.

I know a few posts ago I talked about the crunch and crispness of the autumn.  Now, with everything blanketed by an insulating layer of snowflakes, my commute (at night particularly) has significantly quieted down.  The snow started falling last Saturday, the 3rd of December, midday.  I know because we had Greensprints that night and everyone was freaking out about how sketchy the roads were.  Now, it's late Thursday night and the snow has returned.  I love snow!!  And, the gear that allows me to get out into the elements and safely enjoy them really makes it all doable.  Honestly, without studded tires and fenders and layers and gloves and goggles and a balaclava and and and...  The list could continue ad infinitum but I've built my collection over many years of bit by bit justification.  Do I truly need a winter helmet when my perfectly capable normal helmet + hat combo has done me well for so many prior seasons of winter riding? No. But does it make it that much more fun? Yes!

I think that's the key with riding in the winter and snow and ice: keep it fun!  Otherwise, it's hard to talk yourself into doing it.  You will, however, realize that it's all worth while when you glide steathily by a neighbor who's either scraping his car off or having trouble getting it to start.   Oh, the simple joys of life on a bicycle. 

Anyway, too many words; too few pictures!  Over and out!! 

The annual winter Bikes De'Lights Ride is almost upon us!  Friday, December 9th, meet and roll out from Blanc by 7pm.  Grab your bike, some lights, and a buddy and come join us out there for some holiday cheer.


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  1. I will be bike commuting for the first time this winter - but I also have a folding bike, so on the really bad days, my bike and I may be taking the bus home. I'm also looking into studded tires, but haven't committed yet...