Friday, March 9, 2012

11 Wheels on Burt Street

There was bike traffic this morning and it made me smile!!

We (Copper, Vince, and I) were pedaling (or sitting in our Tail Wagon as the case may be) down our usual Burt route towards the shop when we ran into Aaron from Film Streams, our North Downtown neighbor on his daily commute.  But that's not the fun part.  At at stop light on about 20th and Burt, I did a quick wheel count...11 was what I came up with. 

So yeah, 11 because with Copper's trailer
2 + my Vaya 2 + Vince's Surly Necromancer 2 + his older 26" Long Haul Trucker 2 that he pulled along next to him+ his newly built up crazy ass fat unicycle 1 (also a Surly...the guy may be obsessed. Oh, and he just got in a new Pacer frameset that he's building up real purdy like to round out the collection)  + Aaron's bike 2 = 11 wheels!  Whoa.

It was fun to have that much of a bike presence on one corner.  Good times.  Yes indeed, good times.

As you can see, it's nothing but blue skies today and the weekend looks to be gorgeous as well.  Get out and ride folks, and then report!  Or don't.  You never do.  Dang.  Although I do get a lot of wonderful stories in the shop.  So that's nice.  Ok, that's it.  Buh bye.


  1. I'm posting for accountability. I vow to ride my bike to work/school at least two times a week starting in the fall. This spring, I will prepare for this adventure by trying it at least three times and making modifications to my lifestyle, clothing, and bike to make it work. . . and when I have questions, I'm going to ask Greenstreet!

  2. yes!!!!!!!!!!! who are you?! i love your plan and vow to assist you however i can!