Monday, April 2, 2012

What I've Been Working On...

It's a transportation celebration! And we need you here to make it possible.

Omaha is about to adopt a new Transportation Master Plan for our fine city, and we're throwing a party to celebrate our past accomplishments and look to the future with hope for many more.

So here's the deal: we're working with the City to shut down the north two lanes of Harney Street between 26th and 24th Ave. to showcase how wonderful an active, walkable, bikeable, liveable street could be! Priority 1 on the master plan is to convert Harney Street, from UNMC to the Old Market, into a protected cycle track for biking and walking. We're calling it the 'Market to Midtown Connector' and it's sure to be a wonderful addition to Omaha! At the Heyday, we'll help you visualize what that could mean to you.

Please join us, ideally by bicycle, bus, shuttle, foot, or carpool for too much fun to list on one page. There will be group bike rides organizing from around the city. Some of the fun, once you get there, will be in the form of the following:

*6pm: TMPlan discussion/community feedback
*food trucks
*bicycle racing/riding
*sidewalk chalking
*all sorts of art
*tree-lined street-scaping/beautification project
*bike shops and clubs with information
*filming and photographing the fun
*open house of the area
*hoola hooping
*roller skating
*skate boarding
*anything that you can think of that involves fun outside

As you can see, there's an action-packed evening in Omaha's future. You should be there; after all, it is your city.


  1. What date and where is it happening?

  2. Tuesday, May 1st! From 5pm-dark. See you there! Meet at Greenstreet and ride there at about 4:30pm.