Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ladies' Ride this a.m.!

A group of 9 of us headed north this morning for our Saturday morning ride.  We headed out 16th St.  and up to Florence Blvd. all the way to JJ Pershing Dr. and then took the Riverfront Trail out to almost the Surfside Club and up that huge hill!  Good job ladies!  Thanks so much for riding! Here are a few pics from the trail.  We encountered a downed tree, huge swampy puddle that was refreshing to ride through, hills, and fun around every turn!  Erin crashed into the tree (not really but doesn't it look like it?!)  See you all next Saturday!
The few, the strong, the hill climbers!!Pic of Natalie playing in an even deeper puddle than the first one. The words "crayfish holocaust" came out of her mouth.  Funny lady!
And of course, Blueline at the end of the ride.  Thanks again for riding and we'll see you next week!  Meet at Greenstreet Cycles (1310 Mike Fahey St.) around 9:00a.m. and we roll by 9:20ish. 

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