Monday, June 28, 2010

Farmer's Market

I have actually been riding so much lately that it hardly seems worthy of posting each trip!  So I'll start with what's most recent and work back a bit...

This morning Copper and I took a little trip out to Tranquility to test out my new mountain bike. I'm afraid I'm in love!  This is unlike any bike I've been on before and I'm out of my mind excited about it!  It's a Salsa Dos Niner and I can't wait to ride it again!

Yesterday I rode to the Aksarben Village Farmer's Market and met Matt (my other love aside from the bike) for a stroll through the strip of vendors.  It was a cloudy morning and not too hot, which was glorious considering all the heat as of late.  After some delicious pastries from The Parthenon Greek Restaurant stand he had to run and I continued wandering from booth to booth.  I ended up filling my pannier full of carrots, basil, a green pepper, a little jar of raw honey, a huge yummy tomato, and a cucumber.  I had it in my mind that a fresh summery salad was in order. 
I pedaled home thinking I may get caught in the rain.  On my way I decided a few more things were a necessary part of this salad so I stopped at the handy HyVee and picked up some spinach, tofu, sunflower seeds, soy nuts, and craisins and shoved it all somehow into my single bag!  I was happy that it all fit!  I pretty much pedal to the farmer's market every Sunday and am always glad I did.  No parking issues to deal with, and I can justifiably eat what I want and not feel guilty since I'll just burn it off on the way back home.
(p.s. the salad was delicious!!)

Saturday was the Ladies' Ride and we rode about 18 miles I think.

Friday I rode into work and then Greenstreet donated 6 mountain bikes to All Our Kids, which is an after school mentoring program for at risk youth.  Friday evening they had a picnic where we gave the bikes to the award winning kids.  This event was at 56th and Mormon Bridge Road which is pretty far north.  I then pedaled home in the heat which was less than pleasant but still felt good to put in a few extra miles. 

Where are you riding?!



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