Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eventful Commutes Recently!

What a beautiful day for a ride!

I woke up this morning and as usual, had the internal dialogue: to commute or not commute, that is the question.  I have a commitment right after work today where I shouldn't probably be overly sweaty and so this was my first hurdle.  I decided to just bring a change of clothes and pedal slowly to my after work dinner which is conveniently located downtown!  Obstacle #1, done...

Then, it was the typical Copper debate: do I or don't I bring my pup?   I then realized that since I obviously couldn't bring her to dinner, I'd have to leave her at home.  But then I thought about who was working with me today at roommate Jonn!  I hoped (and actually still am hoping since I haven't talked with him about this yet and Copper is already here with me at the shop) that he would be able to take her home with him after work tonight. So I brought her along!

My actual commute was quite pleasant.  The weather is nice and I ran into a few fun interactions along the way.  First of all, when I was climbing up Twin Ridge Road toward Woolworth I noticed a shiny silver Mercedes slowing to a stop and the window steathily rolled down as I rolled up and stopped to see what was going on.  At this point I recognized a customer/Ladies' Ride rider as the driver of the car!  She stopped to tell me hello.  "At first I thought it was a mom and her child but as I got closer I realized it was a dog in the cart and thought, that has to be Sarah!"  Thanks for stopping Patty.  Nice to see you!

Secondly, as I was cruising down Leavenworth I saw a woman riding (in the street! not on the sidewalk! good job!) with rack and bags; clearly commuting on her way to work.  How exciting!!  Of course I sped up and actually kind of ran a red light initially to catch up with her and quiz her about her ride.  Turns out, today was her first day of riding all the way from her house to work down at Hot Shops!  Congratulations to you Lori!  I chatted with her along the way and showed her my favorite route to get that direction.  She followed me along and we talked about the joys of commuting and the obstacles of weather and hills.  Fun to have someone to chat with on the ride. 

So, here I am, at the bike shop excited for my ride home.

Did you ride your bicyle today?!  Tell me about it.



  1. Sarah, meeting you was such a treat! I felt great all day, so good that I decided to bike home. I had the bus fare in my pocket in case I got too overheated, but I just kept pedaling -- slowly, laboriously, but pedaling nonetheless. I had to walk a few more blocks going west than east, but I'm proud of myself for making it. I'm planning to try again tomorrow!

    Thanks for your encouragement and your tips about routes, stoplight timing and blessed shady spots.


  2. Great job Lori!! Glad to hear you rode home too. Keep it up lady!