Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24th Ladies Ride

Fun ride today gals; thanks for joining me!  There were 21 of us in all out there pedaling north this morning for our weekly Saturday a.m. Ladies' Ride that leaves from Greenstreet Cycles around 9:15 a.m. 

The weather couldn't have really been nicer.  Well, ok, I guess I could have enjoyed a bit less wind, but the temp and humidity (or lack thereof) made for a splendid morning!  We left the shop and headed out and over the Kerry Bridge and pedaled north toward the Narrow's Park where we observed the still flooded river banks and checked out the playground.  We then left the park and headed a little further north until we hit gravel and then decided that coffee was calling our names.  Good ride, all in all.

Thanks again gals!


  1. Looking forward to joining you this Saturday. I rode my bike to work for the first time on Wednesday and I'm hooked. I didn't have the nerve before riding past my house and back downtown on the OWL Ride (what fun!), so I knew I could do it. Now my challenge is finding rollable / wrinkle-resistant business clothes that don't take up space or weigh much.

  2. As always thanks for leading a great ride...the weather was perfect Saturday!