Monday, August 2, 2010

Park City Bike Trip!

This is how I spent my weekend! Not exactly commuting specific, but it includes bikes so I decided to share.  Pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday I rode some incredible mountain trails in Park City, Utah. The trip was completely funded by one of our shop vendors, QBP (Quality Bicycle Products) and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity!  As usual, pictures don't do justice to the beauty I got to surround myself with. But, try to enjoy them anyway.
I think I smiled non-stop.  Such nice trails!
A guy dressed up as a Sasquatch kept jumping out at people in the woods.  Hysterical!  I had to have a pic.
Pristine singletrack trails all over the mountain in Deer Valley begged to be ridden and enjoyed.  So I did!
This section was obviously a bit advanced.  I rode some technical trail features, but not this one which included a huge drop off the other side of this ladder.  Yikes.  Fun to see other people do it though.

My new buddies Toby and Russ from Dekalb, IL.  Nice riding with you guys!
Did you really think there'd be a whole weekend without me getting excited about food?!  This was an oasis to the senses after spending about 3 hours on the mountain (feeling a little lost for part of it) and dreaming of food.  Free and delicious!  Hooray!!!!

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  1. Your trip looked like a blast. So beautiful too. I can't get QBP to fund your trip but you're always welcome to come ride with me.