Friday, October 22, 2010

Just another Friday Bike Ride

I feel like I'm not posting as much these days because I ride my bike to work every day now that it's not 1028 degrees out and so it doesn't seem as exciting because it's something I do so regularly. 

Today, however, a few interesting things happened.  Let me splain...

First of all, as I pedaled through Field Club Golf Course down Woolworth, there were two smiling gentlemen in a golf cart waiting to cross the road holding a few cups of joe.  As I rang my bell and passed them watching the steam rise from their cups, the wafting aroma of fresh coffee greeted my nostrils and inspired me to pedal a little faster.  It was definitely enjoyable and made me glad that I was on my bike and not in a car.  An experience that would surely be missed if I were boxed in a vehicle.

Secondly, as I was zooming down 16th St. with Copper in tow, I was quickly approaching Douglas and a woman started running into the street from the west sidewalk.  She froze, like a deer in the headlights when she realized that there was a real possibility of getting hit by a cyclist with a dog being pulled which point I asked her if she thought it would be funny if she got plowed over by a bike.  She laughed, as did I.  I pedaled on. 

Did you ride your bike today?!  Copper and I enjoyed it and look forward to the ride home.  The two best parts of my day usually.


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