Friday, November 5, 2010

Windblown Wednesday

I've been riding a bunch lately and the wind these days has been phenomonal.  On my way downtown the other day I went to signal a left turn off of Leavenworth and almost lost it as a huge gust of wind shoved me away from the direction I intended to turn.  Be careful out there commuters! Beware the wind!!

Last weekend I took a little mountain biking trip to North Carolina to visit a friend.  The trail system we rode was unreal!! Such a well planned, fun, fast, flowy trail.  I was literally laughing out loud more than once.

Here are a few pics, that of course don't do it justice.

I'm so fast it's blurry!  (yeah right)

coming off of this bridge into a beautifully banked turn was fun and fast!!

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