Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catch Up...

Hope everyone had a fun holiday weekend.  I ate entirely too much and now am even more driven to pedal than previously considering the sheer volume of cookies alone that were consumed in a matter of days.
I've also realized that I haven't posted for a few days and so will attempt to throw a few pics on here of the last several adventures I've seen from the saddle of my bike...

View of Downtown through the bat tree!

Bat tree again, with reflective Chrome bag!

Another bat tree shot.  We probably took 100 of these and none really show
just how creepy and full of hundreds of bats this tree was!!!

I took a detour through Hanscom Park the other
day on my commute.  It's a purdy place!

I was glad for studded tires down this icy path.

Off camber (sorta) and icy.  No problem for Bobby Bianchi!

 I liked this tree.

This poor guy!  I'm not sure what happened exactly but he was really
blocking 19th St. right off of Dodge.  Yikes.

While I was stopped taking pictures of the poor dump truck guy, I had to make it look like I was stopping for another reason. So, I took a photo up from the base of these tall buildings.

Anyway, just a few fun shots of random riding I've been doing lately.  Fun stuff!  And, apparently there's a heat wave headed our way.  Get out and ride while we still have sunshine and dry roads!!!!

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