Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Most Fun I've had on a Bike in a While

This past Friday stands out in my mind as one of the most enjoyable days I've had on a bicycle in at least weeks. (Riding off road at Lewis & Clark was purdy good too.)

They'll have a bike rack in the spring.


It started off with a trip to Q Consumables down in Little Italy for breakfast.  After having a nice chat with the server and owner (and trying to coerce them into becoming a Bicycle Friendly Destination, which is looking good) we headed off to find more snow covered roads to pedal.   Heading a bit further south we scouted out my favorite hill climb (which turns out to be nearly impossible to pedal up when it's snow packed if you don't have a rear studded tire).  Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.  Start at the base of Hickory Street by the train tracks down by the river and head west until your heart starts pounding so hard that you think it's attempting to flee your chest. Then try it in the snow.

The old Hickory St. hill. Of course the pic does it no justice.

Waiting at the top for Vince to try to climb the hill.

Bobby Bianchi in the snow where he's happiest.
After Hickory Street, we pedaled around a few other steep neighborhood streets before deciding to stop by Orsi's Bakery on 6th and Pacific to pick up some of their delicious bread.  We went in and looked at all of the old photos on the walls and picked up 2 loaves of bread and some cookies. At the counter when we were paying the guy, he asked how the riding was out there and we told him that it was awesome.  He then said, "Hold on, you have to try this" and turned around, reached in the cooler and handed us a free huge thing of garlic cheese bread!  Basically this made our day!  Thanks Orsi's!

After shoving all of our goods into our messenger bags we pedaled onward.  We headed towards the shop but decided to ride 10th to Capitol and check out the new restaurant/club that our buddy Jason is opening soon.  The timing was perfect because he was just looking out the window of the 2nd floor as we rode by and he ran down and asked us to come in for a tour of the place.  It is going to be incredible!  I'm particularly excited about their expansive vegetarian menu.  I can't wait for it to open; it will surely be a crazy new addition to Downtown Omaha. Good luck Jason!  I'm proud of you!!

Then we rode to the shop and I caught up with Carlos, our new City Bike/Ped Coordinator, for a bit.  2011 is going to be huge for cycling in Omaha!  Mark my words!

We then pedaled to the Copy Cat to get some printing stuff figured out and then headed up towards Cali Taco for some food.  On our way though, we rode up Farnam and swung by the The Grey Plume to say hello to a few folks that we know that were working there that night. Boy am I glad that we did! We locked up our bikes out front at their bike racks and headed inside to check the place out.  We got a fabulous tour from our buddies James and Laura.  If you don't know about this place yet, check it out! It is certified as the Greenest Restaurant in America. Wow. I'm excited to have this place in Omaha and can't wait to actually eat there and try it out.  I actually got a chance to meet and talk with Clayton, the Chef/Owner and we have a few plans up our sleeves as far as collaboration goes.  I'll keep you posted on that!

Our stomachs were growling as we headed north on 33rd to Cali Taco where I gorged myself on chips and salsa and guac and a taco and a margarita.  Delish!  Then pedaled home. Anyway, running errands and eating and smiling on a bike.  All day long.  Fun!!! 


  1. Awesome! Sounds like it was a fun day.

  2. Your Bianchi snow-build looks so much like my Trek Earl that Chris G. asked me on Saturday if I was at Cali Taco. Now I know what he was talking about.

    Sounds like a fun adventure. I can't wait to get out for some fun winter rides.