Monday, December 20, 2010

Summer in the City

Whew!  It's a heat wave out there today folks.  I'm glad for my full-wrap fenders, that's for certain. I rode in today in my swrve pants (thank goodness we're closed on Sundays so that I have a day to wash my pants!), a t-shirt, mid-weight wool jersey and fleece jacket over that.  I was toasty!! I scooped up a Lazer winter liner for my helmet which was just right for today (w/o a hat underneath it which I've needed on the really cold days) and as usual wore my lobster claws which were a bit overkill for today. 

Front and rear studded tires were definitely unnecessary today and I aimed for as much snow and ice as I could find along the way in today.  Not much out on this ride but I'll be ready when it is there!

Marja and Natalie:  I'm calling you out!!!  This week is supposed to be pretty dang balmy and I think we should all bike pool down to the Downtown area on Thursday.  I'll even go as early as 8:30a.m.  Yes, I'm that dedicated.  Ha!   Let me know your thoughts ladies.

1 comment:

  1. hey! i would, but i am leaving at crazy-o-clock tomorrow for sunny syracuse. i'll be back and ready to roll on wednesday next week if there's any chance this nice weather will last! in the mean time, you are the ultimate badass.

    p.s. check your mailbox at home!