Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I'm still not feeling 100%, but thankfully much much better than I did a week ago.  I've slowly been working the bike back into my life and it's still a bit hard to breathe but improving daily.  Today I rode to the Omaha Bikes meeting and after a few attempts at snot rockets, realized that I am still not out of the sinus infection woods because there was waaaaaay more than normal.  Most of which ended up on my jacket, gloves, or most excitingly, in my hair.  Yuck!!  It then froze (because I think I saw something that said it was 13 degrees out earlier...yup, just checked: with the windchill they're saying 2 out right now) in my hair and on my clothing and only started to thaw once I had been inside for a bit.  Yuck again. Sorry about that.

Anyway, great to be back on the bike.  Thanks to everyone who's wished me well over the last few weeks.  Always nice to hear.  

On Sunday afternoon I rode to the zoo since I felt like a little ride and hadn't been to the zoo in who knows how long.  So, here are a few pictures!  My favorite (which I didn't get any pictures of because I was too busy laughing) was in the gorilla complex where one young ape had a pair of pants that he kept throwing on his back like a cape.  He'd run around and if they fell off, he'd stop and pick them up again.  It really was too funny.

Butterfly Pavillion

Butterfly pond in pavillion

These were incredible!!! 

Funny orange fish

starfish up close and personal


This peacock escaped shortly after this picture was taken.  See how
he's checking out the Greenstreet sticker?!  haha

The ride down was cold and a bit hilly after not being on my bike for about a weekish but I was still glad to be out and about. 

Riding more today to the Transportation Planning Meeting which is open to the public and is at the Livestock Exchange building at 4920 South 30th st.   6:30-8:00.  Come and speak up and make a difference in the future of how we move people in Omaha!!



  1. Highly recommended: sinus rinsing.


  2. Ahhh, good to know. Thanks mang!