Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Uncomfortably Numb

So, today was freaking cold.  Like goggles and wool balaclava cold.  I denied the fact as I got ready this morning and was sadly unprepared for my frigid ride into Downtown. I had a meeting about the Bike to the Ballpark initiative with Omaha Bikes at Wohlner's and then had to be at the shop after that.

Yesterday I ended up driving to the Transportation Master Planning meeting which was pointed out by one Scott Redd, my die-hard commuter buddy that earns respect far and wide in the community for his dedication and success stories within his cycling experiences.  Anyway, he told me last night at the meeting that he was going to borrow a friend's car and drive down, but then read my blog and since I'd mentioned that I was riding down after being sick for weeks, figured if I could do it, so could he!  Way to go Scott; he was the only one that I know of that rode there last night.  You rock; I wussed out and after a massage that ended at 5:45 I had no motivation or time to ride down and make it there by 6:30. Thanks for telling me that I helped get you on 2 wheels instead of 4; that made it hurt a little less!  I also ran into another guy that I'd met at a commuting clinic I gave this fall that told me because of my lecture, he's riding to work on a regular basis.  A 3rd gentleman informed me that he was only at the meeting because I'd suggested he show up.  What a feel-good kind of night!!  Thanks for all of the positive feedback guys; makes a gal feel all smiley.

Out of respect to Mr. Redd, I rode down to Casablanca Moroccan Cafe just east of Midtown Crossing since it had come highly recommended by Scott himself.  We were greeted by the owner who complimented us for riding in this weather and treated to a few tasty appetizers after we told him that Scott had sent us in. Good lunch overall. 

probably gonna work on bike parking here

try to ignore my double chin and focus on the freaking froooozzzen scarf and hair
  I then pedaled up to my meeting in Midtown Crossing and parked at the covered bike racks that Wohlner's has in their garage.  They're a Bike Friendly Destination, by the way; purdy good.  I chatted with Julie and Carlos about a few details of our B2BP plan and then I pedaled in the freeeeezing cold down 33rd to Burt and then east to the shop.  At this point I could hardly keep my head up because the desire to pull my neck and face into my scarf like out-did the desire to see where I was going (I felt like a turtle).  Somehow I managed to make it to the shop but by the time I arrived I honestly could not feel my chin or ears and my fingers were on their way out as well.  I will absolutely use the balaclava that I'm borrowing from my shop boys for the ride home.  That should do the trick.  Now, if only my legs will cooperate after yoga tonight.  Hmmmm...

Great to be back on the bike, despite the painful temps.  Good ride all in all; grateful for the studded tires today.  Who else rode today?  Scotttttt?!?!


  1. By the end of my 3 mile ride into work on Wednesday, I felt like I was dying. For some reason, my body just didn't want to function in that cold and wind. The last push up hill into the wind caused me to finish the hill walking. Had I had multiple gears, I would've been struggling in the easiest one.

    The ride home at 6pm was still cold, but I was heading Southish, so I at least got some tailwind. Plus, it was snowing, which makes it fun regardless. You feel more like a little kid than usual while riding through snow.

    I also have to comment on how courteous all of the drivers have been recently. I can honestly say that I believe people are being nicer to cyclists; giving me more room, being patient as I take a corner or change lanes. I can go a month without any impatient/angry incidents. Thank you, Omaha drivers!

  2. Still doing the daily grind, 24-mile round trip from Bennington to Millard every work day of the week regardless of the weather. For those of you with short commutes (under 5 miles) you probably don't get to the point of the warming effect of greater distances. The cold only lasts for a few miles until the body warms up and adjusts to the cold. Even on -20 below days I'm comfortable once I pass the 15 to 20-minute mark. The rest of my hour+ commute is relatively comfortable temp wise.

    And I have to agree with Munson; Omaha drivers appear more friendly these days. I commute roughly 6,000 miles a year and have noticed the past year or two that drivers are actually becoming more patient. Go figure.