Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Theme of the Week: Car Trouble!

So, as you may have previously read, I got a flat tire this past weekend.  No worries really, because I had my bike on top and then the following day after work, Vince and I rode there and used his AAA card to get the tire aired up.  I would have changed the tire myself, but since my car jack broke the last time I had a flat (and of course I never replaced it) it wasn't in the cards this time.  I had to snap a pic of the situation because it was rather humorous.  The AAA guy was kind of amazed at the bicycle craziness.  I had the sprints bikes in the back of my wagon and with Vince's bike and mine also in the mix, it was a bit overwhelming, even for a bike geek.
bike, bike, bike, bike, donut

Turns out it just needed some air.  I guess I don't drive it all that often and should probably check the pressure of my tires more than never. My rear driver side tire was pancake flat after losing enough air to brake the seal after being driven on for a bit.  Dang.

Then, last night I went to meet a friend for a drink and realized that I have no heat in my car.  So, this morning while looking outside at the blustery snow trying to come down, I hardly had to think twice about whether to commute by bike or by car.  In my car I would have no heat and by pedaling down to the shop, I'd be generating some heat thereby staying warmer than I would have in my car.  So, off I pedaled.

It really wasn't too bad.  I woke up this morning thinking 2-4" of snow on the ground would meet me but was surprised to only see cloudy skies and nothing really sticking yet.  My neighbor across the street has a flag on her front porch that I can see from my bedroom window; this morning it was pointing straight south. This means a tough(ish) ride considering I have to head pretty much north the entire trip.  I loaded up my panniers with hardware store goodies for the shop and pedaled away.  It's been a while since I've had much non-Copper weight behind me on a ride in. It feels a lot different when you're pulling it behind you in a trailer compared to actually on your bike.  This was abundantly clear when I went to get out of my saddle to climb for a minute.  I almost instantly sat back down.  
Arrived this morning with hardly a minute to spare; hauling a heavy load of stuff definitely slows down my trip.  Now as I watch the snow starting to really fly, I'm thinking about my ride home.  Still will be warmer than in my heat-less car!!

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