Thursday, July 28, 2011

Interesting Read...

I came across this article on Eco Velo today (thanks to Vince) and thought it was worth sharing.  
The Commuting Paradox

I've been pedaling a fair amount recently but do have to admit that with this heat and hip injury combined, I've been wussing out and driving a bit too.  Copper and I rode in yesterday in the insane heat and humidity and all I could think about was riding in the winter.  People say you can almost ride year round comfortably in Omaha and I'd have to agree...although most people are referring to the 4th "unrideable" season as winter and I'd beg to differ.  I think the summer is way less inspiring to ride during than the peaceful snowy winters. 

Here's a pic from me happily commuting in the snow to help cool you down. 


  1. Totally agree. When biking, you can get warm enough in winter with the right clothing, but it's impossible to get cool enough in the humid days of summer.

    Even if it were somehow legal to ride stark nekkid, a 90+ degree day with > 70% humidity leaves you drenched in sweat. There's no way to avoid it. I just end up taking lotsa showers this time of year and still end up losing the BO war. Such is the life of a cyclist.

  2. Sarah, I couldn't agree more. This weather is what really tests my commitment to the daily commute.