Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Warm Wednesday

It's a muggy one out there and at points on the ride in I felt that, although I was cruising down a hill, the air wasn't moving at all.  Sticky!  But still really fun.  I'm glad I rode in today.  It seems like it's been a while and I was starting to feel guilty.  I've ridden off road on my new Salsa Dos Niner , which I adore, a few times lately and am really loving that.  I'm registered for this fun little race and need to keep putting miles in, both on and off the road.       I raced it last year and took 2nd in my category and for some reason want to torture myself and do it again.  The best course I've ridden in a while and fun camping with fun people makes this a great way to spend Labor Day weekend. 

Anyway, back to commuting...   I saw 6 people on bikes today on my ride in!  I think that I'll count the number of cyclists I see on my daily trip in and report accordingly.  My favorite today was a kinda crazy looking guy who had turned an old Trek mountain bike frame into some sort of crazy low rider.  The rear wheel was the same I think (I flew by him on my way down Leavenworth so the details may not be 100% accurate) and the front wheel and fork had been replaced with a super long choppered out fork and probably 16" wheel.  Hysterical.  I also enjoyed the mom and son duo I saw pedaling out of Field Club. 

I left Copper at home today and she only pouted for a minute.  Yoga tonight and with out a car to lock her in, we'd all be doing a little different version of Downward Dog.  She likes to get on the mat with you and challeng the pose.  So, I ditched my guilty feelings of leaving the doggy at home and turned them into positive thoughts about pedaling in!

Over and out.

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