Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Ride of 2011!

Gerald Ford Rose Garden

And again.

It feels like I haven't ridden in years!  Or at least all year.  I'm pretty sure those around me are getting sick of all of my "Haven't seen you all year!" or the classic, "See you next year!" that I used in abundance this last week.  The truth is though, I got sick around New Year's Eve, or I guess the day before and haven't ridden since Thursday night (technically Friday morning if we're getting picky). Which yes, I realize has only really been 3 days, but seems like an eternity.  I guess I've gotten used to being on my bike daily and when there's a gap in that I just feel off. 

So, I woke up today and decided that I'm sick of being sick.  I told my roommate while drinking coffee this morning that I'm over it; I'm not sick any more.  And while trying not to cough, told him I'm riding in today and continuted to ignore of the tickle in my throat. 

I'm so glad that I did!!  I think I'm cured!!  I pedaled along smiling to myself, happy to be back on 2 wheels and happy that it's a new year for some reason.  While it was a brisk, I'd even say chilly, ride in which was a bit drying on my throat it was definitely worth it.  The sun was shining and I rang my bell, waved, or smiled and said hello to every person I passed along the way.  I thought about New Year's resolutions and how I'm pretty much against them; if you want to do something to better yourself, why wait for a new year to do it?  I hate the line, "I'm going to stop/start _____, but not until January 1st!"  Ok, well, that's all fine and good that you're going to try something new, but how's about starting now?!  Anyway, it is January now and I'm wondering how many people have made some sort of promise to themselves or people around them about what they will or won't be doing going into this new decade.  I haven't made any resolutions because I probably won't keep them.  But that's just me.  I guess the general feeling that I have about 2011 is that it will be a really good year; so far so good anyway.  I'll ride more, I'll smile more, I'll help other people more, I'll complain less. But these are all things that I've been working on for a while.  2011 looks to be the year! Or at least one where I will continue to try.

What are or aren't you planning to do in 2011?  What's that you said?  Commute more?!   See you out there!!

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  1. I don't believe in resolutions either. You're just setting yourself up to fail when you try to start some radical life changing plan on Jan. 1. I like to work on my goals on a constant on-going basis. Great first post of the new year. Commuting IS on my list of things to do more of in 2011.